Taylor Crow is an actor/dancer in the Seattle area pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, major in dance, at the University of Washington. In her work, she creates from a mindset that prioritizes equality, womxn empowerment, and freedom to express oneself without filter or shame. At the UW, Taylor has discovered her love of dance styles that come from the African and Latin diasporas (salsa, tango, jazz, hip hop, and other street styles). She has found a new sense of empowerment in these dance idioms that she had not felt in the dance background she had before attending the UW.

She is currently spending the days in online class, babysitting at the same time. In her time that would have been spent in the studio or at work, she explores alternative movement, adventures, and the online creative outlet that social media offers. Though it seems future plans may be on hold for some time, she is eager to graduate and find out what life has in store for her.